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hi when im turned on or in the mood, after a short while, a clear, oil-like liquid comes from my penis. it only comes in small quantities, its more of annoyance then any thing else, because if i spend an evening with my girl friend, i cant wear light material trousers as it creates a wet patch on.

Mar 09, 2018 · Penile discharge may be watery (clear) or cloudy (containing pus). The discharge may also be bloody. Urinary tract infection or a sexually transmitted infection are common causes of penile discharge. Penile discharge is often accompanied by pain or burning during urination and a need to urinate frequently. Itching can also accompany penile discharge.

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Finally, the excess coats the glans of your penis to help a small bit with lubrication for intercourse. It is this leftover urine that you are probably smelling. However, the next time you get pre-ejaculate fluid and your girlfriend is not around, I would like you to look and make sure that it .

Dec 18, 2012 · I have a 'bubble' of fluid on the side of my penis. quite large, as in half the length of my penis, under the skin. it comes and goes, changes shape. it's become a serious interference with my sex life - it looks bizarre. no pain. there is also fluid in my scrotum, on the right side. sometimes it seems quite firm, other times soft. it changes.