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The sensation of E-stim pulsating through a man's cock is one of the deepest sexual pleasures he might experience in his lifetime. The intense erotic throbbing, the pre-cum dripping in anticipation of orgasm and that explosive, final release Electro cock.

Electrodes (aka 'trodes') made for E-Stim fall into two types, unipolar and bipolar. Basically, in order to feel anything from E-Stim you need two points of contact. The electrical current generated by the power box flows between these two points and that is felt as a sensation.

Erotic prostate stimulation Prostate is a male gland regulating the function of the whole reproductive system of men. It is responsible for the quality of sexual life. One of the methods to avoid prostatic disorders and improve your sexual life is prostate stimulation. It is not only very effective, but also incredibly pleasant and can [ ].

You have some urges that you don't exactly tell to anyone who'll listen. Maybe you like anal a little too much, or deepthroat blowjobs. Maybe you like Masochistic whores twitching in pleasure as you softly electrocute them with electrical stimulation.

Audio to e-stim with built-in microphone and audio input jack. Sums left and right channels into mono. Endlessly expand your options via audio. 2 independent output channels for amazing sensations. More erotic than other units which have a single channel feeding both outputs.5/5(6).