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NDT Density Step Tablet. An authenticated film strip tablet is used for revising densitometer that is applied to measure X-ray and ray penetrating density. Agfa Structurix Certified Denstep. The STRUCTURIX Certified Denstep is an X-ray film step tablet for calibrating optical densitometers used in NDT and industrial X-ray procedures.

The Structurix Certified Density Step Wedge film is used to varify the calibration of optical transmission densitometers used in the industrial radiography field. Packed in a light tight waterproof package which protects it against moisture, du.

Description. Density Strip. These density strips are commonly used for verification of Densitometer accuracy. IR stocks both 21 and 5 step density strips for your convenience.

The X-Rite 331 is a high specification portable Densitometer with range of 0 to 4.0 density with accuracy of +/- 0.02 Density, operating from rechargeable NiCad batteries and .

X-RAY FILM HOLDERS - FLEXIBLE VINYL. These durable, flexible vinyl impregnated x-ray film holders, without lead backing, can withstand constant bending around small castings and similar objects.