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destroyer escort blue print

Destroyer escort (DE) was the United States Navy mid-20th-century classification for a 20-knot (23 mph) warship designed with endurance to escort mid-ocean convoys of merchant marine ships. Kaibōkan were designed for a similar role in the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Royal Navy and Commonwealth forces identified such warships as frigates, and that classification was widely accepted when the.

This is a list of destroyer escorts of the United States Navy, listed in a table sortable by both name and hull-number.It includes the hull classification symbols DE (both Destroyer Escort and Ocean Escort), DEG, and DER.. The Lend-lease Act was passed into law in the US in March 1941 enabling the United Kingdom to procure merchant ships, warships and munitions etc. from the US, in order to.

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USS DE-6 Wyffels (Destroyer Escort) 752 x 286: USS DE-605 Rogers Blood (Destroyer Escort) (1944) 384 x 104: USS DE-635 England (Destroyer Escort) 787 x 611: USS DE-635 England (Destroyer Escort) (1944) 574 x 218: USS DE-635 England (Destroyer Escort) (1945) 779 x 609: USS DE-639 Gendreau (Destroyer Escort) 840 x 256: USS DE-664 Vammen.

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