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An electric heat strip is a heating device that is often used to supplement a heat pump, providing additional heat when external temperatures decrease enough to prevent the furnace from maintaining the desired temperature. Electric heat strips are also referred to as electric resistance heat, auxiliary heat and emergency heat.

HVAC BASICS: AIR HANDLER Electric Heat Strips in your Air Handler. In residential applications, an air handler is usually used for forced air distribution of central air conditioning. The common air handler is a cabinet with a blower, controls, and houses the air conditioning evaporator coil. Electric heat strips, breakers, and heating controls.

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When it comes to Strip Heaters, Grainger's got your back. HVAC and Refrigeration Heaters Electric Process Heaters and Accessories Also known as component heaters, these are a great choice for surface contact heating where even heat over broad surface area is desired. Clamp to heat dies, platens, vessels, tanks, cabinets, warming.