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To "keep your sex life awesome," exercise physiologist Rich Weil suggests these top five "sexercises." Though they're geared toward men, they also work great for women who want a boost in their Author: Wendy C. Fries.

Being limber can enhance your sex life by making it a bit easier to get into your favorite position with less discomfort. Try stretching after your workouts or incorporate a little yoga into your routine. Yoga is also relaxing, which can help reduce fatigue and stress (both of which can interfere with sexual function).

Sep 08, 2016 · 5 Best Exercises To Improve Your Sex Life: How To Increase Sexual Health And Stamina. Sep 8, 2016 10:27 AM By David Gomes. Are you concerned about your sexual function? Each and every person desires to have an awesome sex life but, “Is everyone having a healthy sex life?” The answer to this question is a big no.Author: David Gomes.

Leads to better sex because: The larger the range of motion in your hips, the more easily you can get into and hold any position you and your partner think of, especially ones where you're putting your legs up high or reaching down low, says Sari Locker, PhD, a sexuality educator at Columbia.

How Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life. But a growing body of research shows it may have another, more surprising effect: improving your sex life. In men, regular exercise appears to be a Author: Robert J. Davis.