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legolas aragon sex

Legolas was a spy working for Sauron, pretending to be an omega so that he could get much information. But he was actually working for the army outside the line. Aragorn was a beta worker in the government, for now, but soon he found that he was son of the leader of the army, and now they come to him, asking him to lead them through the war.

Slash, H/E, A/L. In a parallel universe where the elves are enslaved, Legolas and Haldir form a friendship. Haldir falls in love with Eomer and their affair grows tense. Legolas gets .

The King's pet. Warning: This includes sexual references, rape, lot's of sex and heavy moments, course language, explicit nudity and male pregnancies (though not to much detail on that since it makes people wary).This is NOT a cute story full of rainbows and sparkles okay? Just wanted that cleared up. Rated: If there was an R, I would use it. Disclaimer: If I owned the characters OR Lord of.

May 17, 2018 · After the war was over and there was peace through out Middle earth people settled down and began to build up their lives. This is true for the fellowship of the ring- Frodo and Gandalf now live peacefully in the undying lands, Sam, Merry and Pippin are back in the shire and starting families, Gimli is also back home and starting a family.Reviews: 30.