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NAC: CHAPTER 441A - INFECTIOUS DISEASES; TOXIC AGENTS nevada sex worker std test requirements

test to confirm the presence or absence of:(a) A sample of blood for a test to confirm confirm the presence or absence of human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) and syphilis. (b) Once each week if the sex worker is (b) If the person is female and has a uterine cervix, a cervical specimen for a test to confirm Requirements. (NRS.

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Speaking as a former Nevada brothel intimate, current self-employed call girl, and sex worker advocate, I would like to inform others of the disadvantage to prostitutes created by this system. From 1986 to 1991, I worked at four different brothels in Northern Nevada. Two of them were large, well known houses.

441A.777 “Sex worker” defined. 441A.800 Testing of sex workers; prohibition of certain persons from employment as sex worker. 441A.802 Screening and confirmatory test for human immunodeficiency virus by a medical laboratory: Requirements.

Laws Governing Brothels in Nevada. Although prostitution is legal in Nevada, it is subject to many restrictions. And, as noted above, outside of licensed brothels in the eight counties where it is legal, prostitution is a crime. Even in the counties where prostitution is legal, there are limits on brothel location and who may work at them.Author: Deborah C. England.