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virgin landline tariff to 0844 numbers

Jun 30, 2017 · Charges for calling service numbers such as 0844 were split in two in June 2015, as part of changes brought in by OFCOM. Calling an 0844 number on Virgin Mobile will incur different costs depending on the tariff you have and the exact number called. If you have the Talk More International Anytime tariff then calling 0844 numbers is free.

Below are our current call charges for within the UK. These charges will kick in if you use all your airtime before the month is over, or if you call numbers that aren’t included in your Pay Monthly, BlackBerry ® or SIMO. For customers that signed up to our Pay Monthly tariff prior to 21st July.

Solved: Are numbers that begin with 08chargeable on virgin mobile? I have 1000 inclusive mins as part of my tariff. - 3857249.

Oct 20, 2017 · If you’re looking to purchase an 0844 number, buy now from Number Supermarket here. When using Virgin Media to contact 0844 numbers, they are classed as premium rates and incur two separate charges: an access and service charge. 0844 call costs for Virgin Media customers. The access charged is charged by your provider, and in this case.

Talk Weekends: Zero-rated tariff applies to the first hour of direct-dialled local and national geographic voice calls only (numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03), Virgin Mobile numbers and 0870 numbers starting within the weekend (all day Saturday and Sunday) periods. Excludes indirect access, dial-up internet, 0845, other non-geographic numbers.