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Asthma is a serious chronic disease of the lungs that is caused by swelling in the airways. There is no cure for asthma but it can be prevented and controlled with proper care Asthma information for Teens | Asthma Initiative of Michigan (AIM).

Keeping on top of your asthma is just one more thing. It’s a lot and some teens feel sad, annoyed, lonely or “out of it." Some teens, when they are having lots of asthma flares, feel helpless, like they can’t really do anything right to keep their asthma under control. They feel like giving up.

Anyone can develop asthma, at any age. Sometimes it starts as a baby, other times it starts later in childhood or in the teen years. Although some kids seem to "outgrow" asthma, the symptoms can return years later. Some people start having asthma symptoms after a bad cold or flu.

The rebelliousness and need for independence that comes with adolescence can be especially difficult for teens with asthma and their families. Children who have been responsibly managing their asthma for years may start to have more problems with symptoms. This could be caused by hormonal changes, or by attitude and behavioral changes.

Many people with asthma compare a flare-up to the feeling of trying to breathe through a straw — it feels very hard to get air in and out of their lungs. An asthma flare-up can last for several hours (or longer if a person doesn't use asthma medicine). When a flare-up is over, the person usually feels better.