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Jun 13, 2017 · Play continues until one team reaches a predetermined score. Orlick recommends reducing the size of the towels or playing in the snow to add extra challenges to the game. Teen-Appropriate Tag. Capture the Flag is a fast-paced game that requires strategy and teamwork. Divide teenagers into two teams, and find a large, open area to play.

More Outdoor Game Ideas for Teens Capture the Flag. What you'll need - You will need boundary markers and two "flags". Human Knot. What you'll need - All you need is participants to play. Elbow Tag. What you'll need - You'll need a large area to play this game. Frisbee Golf. What you'll need - Author: Susie Mcgee.

Fun Night Games for Teens. If you have a teenage party to supervise, and you want to keep the event lively but somewhat organized, provide the teens with some games they can play at night. The games, whether played indoors or outdoors, often allow the teens to enjoy a bit of a fright as well as a few chuckles as they get to know one another better.