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The visualiser is a fun adult tool which shows visual representations of varying size penises up against yours. We also have a large, active forum where you can compare to other members as well as many other things! It is designed to be fun but also has a serious aim in trying to help men who are curious about how their penis compares to other men.

Wondering what the average penis size is? Want to know how you compare to other guys? Enter your measurements and we’ll work it all out for you and tell how you would compare in a room of 1,000 men by penis length, girth and volume. We’ll even calculate you how you'd compare in a room of 1000 guys!

The flaccid penis 3.38" (8.58cm) long when not erect. We've also taught you how to take these measurements using the Bone-Pressed Flaccid/Erect Methods, as well as the Flaccid/Erect Girth Measurement methods. These are the essential takeaways to fully understanding how to compare to other men when it comes to penis size.

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