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Four Reasons Women Get Angry at Men. By Sharon Spano, Ph.D. Leave a Comment. Women are complicated. I get it. Don’t waste time trying to manage her anger when deep down inside you know you’re the reason why. Being Controlled. This is where things get really confusing for men. You’re probably thinking, wait a minute!

So why do men get pissed if you ask them about height should be the question? I feel like if that question was offensive to you, there are far more ways you could have tactfully answered like "I'm the perfect height," or "I'm more interested in getting to know you rather than focusing on superficial things," or something along those lines but.

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The most obvious reason is this: At this age, we have more to be irritated about. (No wonder we get so easily pissed off.) many other reasons why men get grumpy. Some are physical. Men who.

I’ve been hearing about this a lot lately from a few different folks, so wanted to write a post on it. Anger. Most men tuck tail and run when they encounter an angry girl. They figure hey, it’s a bad situation, I’m going to get as far away from it as I can. Of the few men left over who stuck around after she started fuming, most of THOSE men tend to become offended and get.