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Most simply it is a sample eight-week teen grief group with suggestions for organization of each group meeting. There are introductory sections on setting up and running a group followed by the eight-week curriculum completed by the appendices of activities and handouts. NEED AND EXPECTATIONS FOR A TEEN GRIEF GROUP.

The one hour closed group sessions invite teens to decrease stress and increase joy through laughter exercises, breathe techniques, acupressure tapping, visualization exercises and amusing stretching poses. The group is facilitated by a Grief Support Services staff member and is run throughout the year when there is participant interest.

Home > Grief Resources > Help for Teens. Help for Teens. Hi. Glad you made it here. Chances are, you know someone who died. It might have been your mother or father. Your sister or brother. Your friend. It may have happened a long time ago or just recently. • One teen may want to talk about death • Another may choose to cry.

It can be difficult to separate normal teen behavior from that of a grieving teen in trouble. Some of the indicators that let you know when a teen needs more than the help group or peer counselors offer are: Dramatic behavior changes. A teen’s home, school, and social life .

Using grief-related art projects, writing exercises, and play activities, highly trained group leaders support the children as they make their way through their grieving process. Activities are designed specifically to help children hold on to their precious memories, express thoughts and feelings, adapt to the many changes in their lives, and.