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Oct 14, 2011 · My wireless intellimouse (2.0) right side button has started not working properly. It will not immendiately show drop down box in excel. Sometimes it will after many clicks. What is the problem?

Apr 01, 2009 · Dear All, INFORMATION I have Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0A USB Compatible. IT was working perfectly under the WinXP. I switched to WinVista and installed the latest drivers, but thumbs buttons unfortunately do not work correctly. They could just make default actions in Internet Explorer · Hi Denis, Thank you for your post. As I know, the.

Re: MS Intellimouse Side Buttons Won't Work..? I have my intellimouse explorer side buttons programmed using the accelerator buttons listed at the end of the acad.mns file. For example under my mouse settings in the control panel I have the left side button listed as.

I am running AutoCAD 2002 and want to get the thumb button on my IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 going properly. I followed the guide to setting up the buttons on the Support page and it works, but I run a custom MNU, and straight after you set it up it works fine, but if you close AutoCAD and re-open it.

Can not RIGHT click with (Intelli)Mouse Explorer 2.0 I just installed the MS IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 and do not get any responce to RIGHT click on the followings,My Documents,My Computer.