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be suspended from the penis are: Solid ball-bearing, a large mechanics socket, or other heavy cylindrical object. The object itself can provide the weight, or the object can be suspended from the restoration device (ex: weights suspended from a film tube). Gravity provides the force that pulls on the foreskin and tensions the apparatus.

May 21, 2007 · Understand how regrowth works. Currently, the most effective way to regrow your foreskin is through tissue expansion. This works by pulling the skin of the penile shaft over the glans and applying tension (either manually or using a device) until new skin cells are produced and the tissue on the skin of the penis expands.86%(34).

Foreskin feels REALLY good. Without the foreskin, the glans becomes dried, toughened, and less sensitive. The normal slack skin gives a man and his partner an exquisite plush frictionless rolling/gliding sensation. In short, circumcision wrecks sex. Luckily we can undo some of the damage with non-surgical foreskin restoration.

Dec 13, 2011 · He wore the weight under his blue jeans at his job as a construction inspector. Eventually, he had enough loose skin to not only cover the glans of his penis when flaccid, but to overhang it by three-quarters of an inch. And it did indeed increase both the sensitivity of the glans and his enjoyment of sex, he says.

The foreskin (or “prepuce”, to use the medical terminology) is the protective skin sheath that covers the glans or head of the flaccid penis. This sheath contains specialized erogenous nerve endings and tissue which moisturize and protect the most sensitive parts of the penis.