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Jan 02, 2018 · A guide to Rome’s most notable vintage shopping stores. Sitenne. Via Petrarca, 1 (Esquilino) Vintage clothing shop and costume lab Sitenne awaits those who seek treasure troves of retro-ware, wool, leather, jewelry and lace.Author: Jade Rudnyckyj.

Shopping in Rome is fantastic, no matter if you are searching for haute couture, antiques, or a bargain. Following are a few ideas on where to shop in Italy's capital. Shopping for High Fashion.

Rome Shopping Guide - Where to Shop. Like any Rome resident, I have my favourite local shops I frequent in my neighbourhood. But most of the time when I really want to "go shopping", I head for the Rome neighbourhoods where some of the best concentration of shops can be found.

Mar 15, 2012 · By Sarah Tighe in Rome— There are some drawbacks to shopping for vintage threads in Rome. The vintage shops can be inconsistently priced and home to impressive amounts of dust. But there are advantages too – look hard enough between the tightly packed shelves and you’ll find some really interesting pieces – often designer. Want» Read more.

This is one of the best flea markets to visit if you're looking for selected vintage items. Open every Sunday, it's perfect for those who prefer a pleasant and orderly shopping experience to a messy and hectic one. Set in a quiet and posh area, it’s also a nice spot for a Sunday stroll.