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Penal Code 289 PC - Forcible penetration w/ a foreign object forcible digital penetration

May 18, 2015 · Penal Code 289 is the California statute that defines the crime of “forcible penetration with a foreign object” (also known as “forcible sexual penetration” or “sexual penetration by force or fear”). 1 The legal definition is: Committing an act of sexual penetration with another person.

Jul 09, 2009 · The 50 year-old man is a disgusting, filthy pedophile. Next, there are different types of rape vaginal, sodomy, digital (fingers), foreign object, and oral. Any time there is any forced penetration with any object used in any sort of sexual manner, it can Followers: 17.

Fingering is typically the use of fingers or hands to sexually stimulate the vulva (including the clitoris) or vagina. Vaginal fingering is legally and medically called digital penetration or digital penetration of the vagina.Fingering may also include the use of fingers to sexually stimulate the anus.. Fingering may be performed on oneself (masturbation) or by or with a sexual partner.

Sep 19, 2016 · LEGAL EAGLE: Digital penetration and the law. September 19, 2016. Photo; We are now in the digital age and the law is not left behind in recognising this reality. Digital penetration, as a part of sexual activity, is proscribed by law in certain specified circumstances.

Sexual penetration is the insertion of a body part or other object into a body orifice, such as the which is a form of oral and anal sex. If one or more fingers are used to penetrate an orifice, it is called fingering or digital penetration. The insertion of an object, such as .