- heel dig or spank in tap


heel dig or spank in tap

Riffle-&a1-touch dig spank or brush dig spank Riffle Step-e&a1-touch dig spank step or brush dig spank step. S. SCUFF-1-swing your foot forward and hit the back edge of the heel tap as the foot swings. SCUFFLE (Dig Brush, Dig Spank, Paddle)-&1 or a1-dig spank Scuffle Step (Paddles, Dig Brush Step)-1&a or &a1-dig spank step Scuffle Step Heel.

Annalisa’s 8-Beat Riff Walk-e&a1e&a2-touch scuff HEEL dig toe SPANK STEP stamp or brush scuff HEEL dig toe SPANK STEP stamp Hines Riff (Split Riff)-&a**1-touch scuff PULL dig STEP or brush scuff PULL dig STEP Nicaela Quick-a1e&a2-spank TOE touch dig toe STAMP.

Start studying Tap Dance. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A tap term that makes three sounds: R Ball Dig, R Heel Dig, R Ball Drop. Drawbacks. Heel Dig, Spank, Ball, Heel. Chug. A tap term that makes one sound: Ball Slide, Heel Drop.

Skunk-&a*1-scuff, hit the inside of the toe tap, hit the inside of the heel tap, HEEL. Spackle-1e&a2-spank toe DIG TOE smack (step) Squiggly Wiggly-1e&a*2-dig spank toe DIG step STEP. This tap dance syllabus is designed to give you a rough idea of what level each of these steps can be taught at. Like any syllabus, it is flexible.

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