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lyric suck think we

You Think We Suck Lyrics: You think we suck / Do you really think we give a fuck / We’re drinking forties / Oh lordy lordy / You don’t know shit that I know / And you’re the shithead / If.

Fuck What You Think Lyrics: Yo, yo, fuck what you think / Fuck what you think / It's about what you know, so fuck what you think / Twenty-one and over to drink / Nineteen and over to fuck.

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Lyrics to 'TATI' by 6ix9ine: Hold up, let me get it started B.B. with the Robins, lookin' all retarded B.B. saggin', fly like a dragon Bitches suck my dick cause I'm fly like Aladdin Scum Gang!

Don't go in there I'm not sure about this one, but I think we all puked. Done is beautiful, I think I snaked you Two camels in a cloud I'm not sure about this one, I think we all puked, yeah. But that's no reason, not to be happy, We've got a million things to smile for everyday.