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The Biggest Collection Of Pickled Cocks On Earth. When I asked Vice for money to hire a car so I could meet a man who collects penises, they glared. The largest whale penis was 170 cm and 70 Author: ALEX HOBAN.

There was this lady and she really wanted to have sex, but she was to scared to ask her husband so she went to a jipsy and told her her problem. The jipsy rummaged around in a chest and pulled out a pickle jar with a penis in it, and said "All you have to do is open the jar and say 'Pickle penis my vagina' and it will start having sex with you".

A pickled penis: Iceland’s Pall Arason lived to be 95 – and apparently wanted his vitality preserved in a jar as a reminder of his time on earth. In one of the world’s most bizarre museums, Arason’s member is flanked by the likes of a 67-inch sperm whale penis.

Oct 01, 2009 · This is the somewhat disturbing prize specimen in Russia’s first ever museum of sex and erotica – the preserved 12inch penis of legendary lover and mystic Grigori Rasputin. Cock-a-hoop: Igor Author: Metro Web Reporter.

Aug 16, 2014 · Man Arrested After Jars and Jars Of Human Penises Discovered In His Apartment By Graham Gremore August 16, 2014 at 9:08am · 28 comments Brace yourself because this Author: Graham Gremore.