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Transforming Sexual Energy Into Spiritual Energy. Sex, essentially, is the essence of creation; from the birth of all life, to the birth of passionate and artistic expression. For centuries man has tried to channel this energy into more fulfilling areas and higher states of consciousness. Apart from the Tantric and Taoist sexual energy practices.

Jun 11, 2013 · Let me explain, in a number of ways, what sexual energy is. Once sexual energy is more tangible to you, you can deepen your emotional and spiritual as well as physical connection to your body. A simple way to explain Sexual Energy is as a feeling you get in your body that you cannot see. You feel your sexual energy as arousal or turn-on.

Sexual Energy and Pleasure. The sacral chakra deals with pleasure. Although there are a few exceptions, most animals do not have sex for pleasure. Humans, macaques, orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees, however, do. When the sacral chakra is in balance, this drive for sexual pleasure stays in .

The Power of Your Sexual Energy. Here in the West, sexual energy is most often portrayed as an itch to be scratched or hormones that take us over, or an unbridled passion or lust between two people. Rarely do we ever see the power of our sexual energy when used for healing, spiritual awakening or sex 3/5(3).

The sex drive or the sexual energy is an extremely powerful feeling that is capable of temporarily eliminating rational thought and consumes one’s reason of existence. The sexual desire we experience is a form of energy.Author: Dylan Harper.