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WWII Women:Some History Photos of WWII Women Slavery and Humility. THE WORLD WAR TWO COMFORT WOMEN ‘Comfort woman’ is a translation of the Japanese euphemism, jugun ianfu, (military comfort women), referring to women of various ethnic and national backgrounds and social circumstances who became sex slaves for the Japanese troops before and.

[Above: Women half naked, one of them with her head shaved, await their fiendish captors.] Women were not the only ones charged with this erroneous 'crime', men also were charged in great numbers.] [Above: This picture was taken in a refugee transit camp controlled by the Allies after the war. The story is that this young woman is Belgian.

Jul 16, 2015 · After French troops occupied the Rhineland in 1923, German women who had relations with them later suffered the same fate. And during the Second World War, the Nazi state issued orders that German women accused of sleeping with non-Aryans or foreign prisoners employed on farms should also be publicly punished in this way.

The bottom line is that the collaborator girls were left without any protectors as the Germans pulled out, and all their friends, of course, had noticed all along what they had been doing. Scenes of tarring and feathering and hair-cutting and all sorts of retribution went on all over Europe.

Mar 04, 2016 · Vintage: Photos of American women in World War II 1940s, Vintage 4 March 2016 0 During World War II, approximately 400,000 U.S. women served with the armed forces and more than 460 – some sources say the figure is closer to 543 – lost .